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Throughout 2012, this is the submission that got the most amount of notes (: Thanks, livininasouthernstateofmind, for submitting this beautiful photo! 2013 will be a great year for everyone! I wish everyone a safe and happy new year. -Mercedes


May 22, 2011


What are the Famous like when alone?  What are the Popular like when alone?

(Source: ex-air-cow)


this is what christian grey looks like in my head, mm


skype chat:

Me: oh tell the guys I said hey
Justin: * turns to his friends* Nikki says Hey
Justin's mates dancing and air humping each other.
Me: they do know i can see them right?
Justin: I'm sorry babe, their just...missing home...well that is my excuse haha

Tagging every branch I can think of. <3

my favorite singer!!! dying to go to his concert